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Ritchie calls Maple Valley home with Amy, his wife of 25 years, and their two sons Charlie and Sam, after living in Issaquah and Sammamish for more than a decade.

Ritchie has been a public servant for all of his adult life. He served as a history teacher, owner of a small business remodeling homes for veterans and seniors with physical challenges, and now as a disability advocate.

“When my dad was paralyzed from a stroke, I left teaching to remodel his house so that he could live independently. I quickly realized there was a larger need for others in our community that needed an advocate, so I started my business to help injured workers, veterans, and seniors live their lives in their own homes. It became my mission to represent, protect and serve those in our community that have challenges. I want to continue that service in Olympia.”

Ritchie has served on the Sammamish City Council, was appointed by Governor Inslee to the Committee on Disability Issues and Employment and the Prescription Drug Assistance Foundation Board of Directors. He served on the Sammamish Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and the King County Civil Rights Commission.

Ritchie sees the need for continued strong leadership in his district, with a particular emphasis on making things more affordable. He believes his experience running a small business will be an advantage for creating this affordability in the legislature. “The middle class needs a voice in Olympia. I believe in living wage jobs, investing into the education of our children, and combating climate change, but the place where I want to make the most impact is creating affordability for Washington families. Washingtonians should be able to afford their groceries, afford to buy homes, afford gas, and afford to live in our state. Middle class Washington families like mine need to live within their means and so should Olympia.”

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